About Solutions 4 Training

Our clients work with us to increase their revenues through improved sales performance. Our sales training, coaching and behavioural profiling products provide tailored personal development for sales professionals and sales teams of all sizes.

Our Sales Training Online academy provides a wide range of web-based sales training courses, assessments and government backed qualifications.

Sales Professionals

Selling is difficult in any market. Our courses help people put the pieces of the business jigsaw together. Understand how to make the most of your opportunities and what it takes to make customers feel special.

Our courses were developed as a result of extensive research and thought leadership programmes undertaken during the last fifteen years with several global and corporate sales teams. Backed by our Ability Tests that measure retained knowledge our courses lead to internationally recognised sales qualifications.

Each course is self-contained and designed to provide a clear and concise understanding on each subject. Simply listen to the audio and watch the slides! Courses play automatically at about the same speed as classroom training. However in this environment you have complete control for not only repeating parts of the courses but also working at your own pace.

Our courses and ability tests are used around the world and we have clients in every continent, from people running their own businesses through to multi-national corporations. There’s no longer a need for you or your staff to leave the workplace to attend multi-day training courses. Your sales training can now be delivered instantly straight to your desktop, at a fraction of the cost.